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Clínica Vilaboa in Spain: “Prophylaxis is the main way that conditions like peri-implantitis can be prevented”

August 22, 2017 | Business

Traditionally, becoming a dentist in Spain was a lengthy process. Students used to be required to first obtain a qualification in medicine before they could even undergo dental training. Since 1986, however, these restrictions have been eased, and dentists are now able to practise with a European Union-recognised degree in dentistry. As a result, the country is now home to around 35,000 dentists and over 14,000 dental hygienists, almost all of whom operate as private practitioners owing to Spain’s low level of public-funded oral health care.

CURAPROX Black Is White – chew it!

May 19, 2017 | Business

STUTENSEE – Gesundheit beginnt im Mund – und nicht nur die: Auch ein Lebensstil der Frische und Schönheit hat seinen Ursprung in einem offenen, selbstbewussten Lächeln. Für das alles sorgt CURAPROX, die Mundhygienemarke aus der Schweiz. Jetzt brandneu auf dem deutschen Markt: Der Black Is White Kaugummi. Schwarz, leicht limonig-minzig und überzeugend dank fünf herausragender Inhaltsstoffe.

Martina Hingis wins with CURAPROX

May 12, 2017

Martina Hingis is on everybody’s lips—as CURAPROX’s global ambassador. The Swiss tennis player has been brand ambassador since the beginning of 2016 and embodies those things that have been important to CURAPROX since the brand’s development in 1972: health and success, quality and “Swissness”, lifestyle and a contemporary media presence.

Experience the future of dentistry

March 24, 2017

Preventive dentistry will be at the core of oral health care in the future. With Prevention One, Swiss-based oral health care provider Curaden gives dental practices a new business model for additional revenue. It sets new standards in preventive planning and preventive actions, combining therapy with products and services that extend into the patient’s home. Through Prevention One, preventive dentistry becomes not just an offer by your dental office, but a part of your daily routine.

Change requires motivation

March 22, 2017

Despite advances in oral health care, patients and dental professionals remain uncertain about good oral hygiene, particularly regarding interdental cleaning. Prof. Denis Bourgeois, Dean of the University of Lyon’s dental faculty in France, has presented scientific evidence that interdental brushes are efficient tools for interrupting the biofilm between teeth. In order to use these correctly, dental professionals need to offer a certain level of individual instruction to their patients. How can this be achieved easily?

Better health for you

March 21, 2017 | Advertorial

COLOGNE, Germany: Curaden is one of the few companies in the industry focusing on a holistic approach to dentistry. It is the only brand that combines high-quality oral hygiene products, training systems and prophylactic concepts for lifelong oral health. At the 230 m2 stand in Hall 11.3 at IDS in Cologne in Germany, visitors are introduced to new approaches to preventative and profitable dentistry. Curaden is presenting the requisite knowledge and products for dental professionals to become more motivated and educated regarding achieving enduring good oral health for their patients and themselves.

Proving effective oral instructions in a clinical setting

January 05, 2017

Despite advances in good oral health care, many patients and dental professionals remain uncertain about oral physiopathology and the concept of disruption of interdental biofilm. Although patients may have bought more oral care products and become more interested in their dental hygiene, many still do not know how to use them correctly. A previous article introduced to the outstanding research done by Prof. Denis Bourgeois, Dean of the University of Lyon’s dental faculty in France. He presented scientific evidence that interdental brushes, in particular CURAPROX CPS interdental brushes, are efficient tools to interrupt the interdental biofilm. However, questions remain about the level of individual training that the dental staff should provide for their patients.

CURAPROX: Combining functionality and innovative design

December 08, 2016 | Business

The Hydrosonic Black Is White range from CURAPROX, a Curaden brand, is a truly premium consumer lifestyle product that ensures quality oral health care. In the spirit of giving this Christmas, CURAPROX is generously offering its revolutionary new toothbrush system to dental professionals for only £70* (usually £132). This one-time offer includes two brush heads and the Black Is White toothpaste. The offer is also available at a consumer price of only £199, for a limited time only.

CURAPROX introduces the 100 per cent clean concept

November 23, 2016 | Business

KRIENS, Switzerland: CURAPROX is offering the Superduo, a special two-for-one package of a toothbrush and an interdental brush that will ensure your patient’s oral health is at its best. Consisting of the CS 5460 —the brand’s softest daily toothbrush—and the CPS prime interdental brush, the Superduo is designed for optimum cleaning that is gentle on and between teeth and the gingivae.

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