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Live Webinar

Four Patient Lifestyle Habits that Influence Healing

Uche Odiatu DMD, NSCA Certified Personal Trainer

Four Patient Lifestyle Habits that Influence Healing

28 Oct 2021, 10:00 PM Berlin

Our patients don’t leave their stressful jobs, poor sleeping patterns (insomnia, apnea, snoring), their physical fitness (or lack) or their eating patterns (mindless eating & evening feeding frenzies) in the car before they sit in our chair. Th...

What instead of “Brush and don’t eat sweets”? Fast guide through basic prophylactic measures for children

The self-care instructions to patients given by dental practitioners and hygienists shouldn’t be generalized; they should be based on the best available evidence, individually fitted according to patient’s age and accessed oral disease risk, cons...

On Demand Webinar

Pediatric Endodontics: Biological approach

Prasad Musale MDS, MLD

Pediatric Endodontics: Biological approach

Pediatric dentistry is a unique specialty dealing with the total and comprehensive oral health care of children. With the passage of time, there has been a definite shift from an ‘extraction-based approach’ of managing the symptomatic teeth to a ...

LABIO Y PALADAR HENDIDO – Una visión integral desde el nacimiento hasta la edad adulta

El manejo integral del paciente con labio y paladar hendido requiere de una atención multidisciplinaria e interdisciplinaria desde el nacimiento hasta la edad adulta; las re-percusiones que se presentan se verán reflejadas de forma positiva o negat...

Impact of Sonic Toothbrushes on oral biofilm and their relation to healthiness

Sonic toothbrushes not only clean orally, but also keep teeth intact and healthy longer and have a positive impact on overall health. Oral hygiene plays still the most important role not just in prevention of the most common oral diseases - periodo...

A contemporary view of infective endocarditis prevention – dentists among recommendations and protocols

Infective endocarditis is a serious and life-threatening disease associated with significant morbidity and mortality. Despite the fact that noteworthy progress has been made in improving the prognosis the mortality from infective endocarditis remains...

Woman’s oral health during the pregnancy – preventing and treating periodontal disease

The main hormonal changes in a woman’s life take place during pregnancy – and the mouth is one of the main areas affected by such changes....

All things micro – the role of micronutrients in periodontal treatment of risk patients

There is a strong need for a more “natural” approach to therapy and healing of periodontal disease, but there is not enough information on the possibilities that we may incorporate a “healthy lifestyle” in our everyday practice. This short c...

Shaping the future of oral prevention – myths and truths about chemical plaque control

Global increase in aging population, retention of dentition and increased rehabilitation with complex implant supported restorations will soon increase demand for prevention and maintenance. Are the “tools and potions” for prevention and maintena...

Interdisciplinary perio health: management of complex perio prosthetic rehabilitations and their follow ups over time

Complex perio-prosthetic cases that require multidisciplinary therapy often result in compromised aesthetics. Traditional treatment planning philosophies, as well as existing interdisciplinary relational patterns, do not promote the achievement of ...

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