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Dwindling patient numbers leave UK clinics short of lockdown targets

LONDON, UK: The British Dental Association (BDA) warned in early January that hundreds of dental practices would be put out of business if the government ...

COVID-19 in 2020: Reflecting on the most difficult year in dentistry

LEIPZIG, Germany: A team of World Health Organization (WHO) researchers will head to the Chinese megalopolis of Wuhan in January to further research the ...

Dental education and COVID-19: Study identifies challenges and opportunities

TAIPEI, Taiwan: SARS-CoV-2 has required dental schools to be innovative. Three online symposia were held earlier this year in order to analyse strategies ...

Leading dental schools unite

LONDON, UK: Four of the world’s top dental colleges have entered into an alliance that aims to advance dental education and pursue new research ...

Fallow time calculator launched after AGP review

LONDON, UK: A review of the evidence relating to the use of aerosol-generating procedures (AGPs) and the risk that they pose for the transmission of ...

Millions of missed appointments: UK dentistry feels heat from COVID-19

NORTHAMPTON, UK: Since mid-June, dental clinics across the UK have faced a staggered resumption of elective dental care after the easing of a ...

Dental sales at Henry Schein drop by over 40%

MELVILLE, N.Y., U.S.: In May, Henry Schein Executive Chairman and CEO Stanley M. Bergman described the SARS-CoV-2 crisis as “one of the most trying ...

Antibody testing for SARS-CoV-2: “We need to talk more about it”

LONDON, UK: Despite dental settings presenting a significantly elevated risk of infection for those in and beside the chair, testing patients for the ...

Survey highlights inadequate supply of PPE to front-line workers by hospitals

DAVOS, Switzerland: An international cross-sectional survey has found that most surgeons believed that the supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) to ...

It is time to reopen dental clinics, ESCD urges

VIENNA, Austria: It is a matter of urgency that dental practices resume providing the full spectrum of oral care, according to the president of the European...