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CURADEN to provide a week full of online dental education

In the coming week, CURADEN will provide dental professionals with one live webinar each day. (Image: fizkes/Shutterstock)
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Dental Tribune International

Thu. 26. March 2020


In the coming week, the Curaden Academy will present dental professionals with one live webinar each day. Owing to the outbreak of the virus SARS-CoV-2, most educational events for the first half of 2020 have been cancelled or postponed by now. In this situation, online webinars offer dentists the opportunity to concentrate on their further education and continue to obtain continuing education (CE) credits. Also, in times of social distancing, online courses offer a safe way to learn from home.

Dr Steven Schluentz. (Image: Curaden Academy)

The educational series will start on Monday, 30 March, with a webinar on how to navigate a dental practice through the current COVID-19 pandemic and how to prepare for the time when the normal work routine is established again. The expert speaker, Dr Steven Schluentz, founder of Dental Sales Secrets, a coaching programme for dentists, will focus on immediate things dental professionals can work on—inside and outside of their practices. The webinar will focus on the proper mindset needed to stay positive, how to understand money dynamics in the practice and how to make sure that the business models in place are congruent with the dental practitioner’s core values.

The 1-hour webinar, titled “3 things you need to work on during the pandemic”, will be broadcast live on Monday, 30 March, at 5 p.m. CET.

Understanding biofilms in a clinical setting

Prof. David Williams. (Image: Curaden Academy)

Within a clinical environment, biofilms are believed to be responsible for over 65% of hospital-acquired infections, which often originate from biomaterial surfaces of medical devices. In this live webinar, Prof. David Williams, theme lead for oral and biomedical sciences in the School of Dentistry at Cardiff University in Wales in the UK, will focus on the understanding of biofilms involved in several infections, including oral candidiasis, ventilator-associated pneumonia and catheter-associated urinary tract infection. The speaker will also include aspects of biofilm-related research performed at his university.

Dental professionals can watch the 1-hour webinar, titled “Biofilms: Microbial lifestyles of clinical relevance”, live on Tuesday, 31 March, at 6 p.m. CET.

Dental fear and behaviour management problems in children

Dr Antonina Getsman. (Image: Curaden Academy)

Children have dental behaviour management problems for many reasons. The main difficulty for the dental professional is deciding on the right treatment method. What is the best behaviour management option for the child in a specific situation: sedation, general anaesthesia or something else? What factors should be taken into consideration? In this webinar, Dr Antonina Getsman, who is head of paediatric dentistry at the Generation Family Dentistry by Dr. Drobot private practice in Moscow in Russia, will answer these questions.

According to Getsman, dentists should not make this important decision based on emotional factors, but must rely on objective measurements. Therefore, she will discuss professional planning and treatment for children with a dental behaviour management problem, including actual case examples, behaviour tactics and the clinical aspects of dental treatment.

The live webinar, titled “Dilemma between adaptation, sedation and general anaesthesia treatment—Making a clear decision”, will be broadcast online on Wednesday, 1 April, at 5 p.m. CET.

Profitably employing social media channels during the COVID-19 crisis

Aikaterini Pegka. (Image: Curaden Academy)

This webinar offers practical tips on how to take advantage of the possibilities of social media in order to best communicate with patients and how to adapt a content strategy during these difficult times of the coronavirus crisis. With social media being the main platforms for news updates, information provision and information seeking, especially during crisis situations such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is essential to master the art of communication management in order to keep in touch with patients and offer the best possible support through these channels. According to speaker Aikaterini Pegka, who is a social media expert and founder of the social media coaching company Social Cosmos, the current crisis gives dental professionals the opportunity to convey their expertise and offer authentic professional help.

Dentists who want to find out more can watch the live webinar, titled “Patient communication on social media during the corona crisis: Tips and strategies”, on Thursday, 2 April, at 5 p.m. CET.

Dental volunteering in Africa: When professional ethics clash with human ethics

Dr Cristina Rizea. (Image: Curaden Academy)

Dr Cristina Rizea has lectured in various countries and at several events on dental prosthetics, career orientation in dentistry and dental volunteering topics. Since 2009, she has attended and conducted dental volunteer work projects in Romania, Indonesia, India, Tanzania and Kenya, and she is currently coordinating the dentistry department of the Romanian NGO Caravana cu Medici, which provides mobile care. It might seem that dentistry is quite straightforward around the world with more or less the same dental treatment guidelines; however, what happens when global guidelines meet the cultural particularities of our patients? In this webinar, Rizea will discuss performing dental care while respecting patients’ cultural norms.

In order to learn about such cultural considerations, dental professionals can watch the webinar, titled “Dental volunteering in Africa—Professional vs. human ethics”, on Friday, 3 April, at 5 p.m. CET.

Attendance of all webinars is free of charge after easy registration at the Curaden Academy . Participants will be able to ask questions via a chat window and have the opportunity to earn a CE credit for each webinar by completing a multiple-choice questionnaire on the topic.

CE credit COVID 19 Dental education Webinar

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  1. Dr. Betsy says:

    This is a great initiative to continue learning as we overcome this crisis.

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