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Henry Schein Dental launches air sterilisers


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Radic8 devices help to improve indoor infection control and to reduce the spread of viruses, by neutralising airborne pathogens. (Image: Henry Schein Dental UK)
Henry Schein Dental UK

By Henry Schein Dental UK

Thu. 11. June 2020


GILLINGHAM, UK: Henry Schein Dental UK has recently announced that it has entered into an agreement with Radic8 to distribute an air sterilisation system that neutralises certain viruses and bacteria in a single air pass. It also neutralises gases and mercury vapours. Radic8 technology uses a two-stage process of filtration followed by sterilisation. The sterilisation process employs photocatalytic oxidation technology that is far more effective at killing microbial contamination with forced airflow than ultraviolet light alone.

The Radic8 Viruskiller was developed in 2004 to deal with airborne viruses after the severe acute respiratory syndrome epidemic and has been continuously evolving. The patented core technology has been tested over the last several years against several viruses, such as coronavirus DF2, adenovirus, influenza viruses and poliovirus. The results show a 99.9% kill rate in a single air pass.

When dealing with viruses, single air pass kill rates are an important tool to minimise the risk of cross-contamination. Two key factors to consider when using technology to reduce airborne and droplet virus exposure are controlling the airflow to take the danger away from the breathing zone and sterilising air as it passes through the unit on a single air pass.

“Patient safety has always been in the minds of dental professionals. Air purification systems can help practices to improve indoor infection control by neutralising certain airborne pathogens through air sterilisation,” said Patrick Allen, managing director of Henry Schein Dental UK. “The launch of the Radic8 air purifier range underlines Henry Schein’s commitment to delivering the solutions dental professionals need, to provide quality patient care.”

The Radic8 technology is available through Henry Schein in the UK in three different air sterilisers:

Radic8 Viruskiller 401
The VK 401 is an air purifier and steriliser for medium to large rooms. This solution for spaces of up to 60 m2 draws contaminated air away from the breathing zone. The clean air of the VK 401 is released in front of and to either side of the unit to maximise distribution and create controlled airflow within the space it covers. With its air exchange capacity, the VK 401 is an excellent solution for dental surgeries.

Radic8 Viruskiller 103
The VK 103 draws contaminated air away from the breathing zone in a patient waiting area of up to 100 m2. The VK 103 unit creates controlled airflow within the space it covers and can be used to regulate positive pressure for medical and healthcare facilities. With its air exchange capacity, the VK 103 is an excellent solution for dental waiting rooms.

Radic8 Hextio
Hextio is a compact air steriliser that neutralises certain dangerous airborne particles in spaces of up to 20 m2. It is thus a good home or small space air steriliser. Hextio has an optional directional airflow hood and a very quiet night mode. The light indicators show when the air is clean.

More information about the products can be found here.

Editorial note: The Radic8 air steriliser has not been tested against SARS-CoV-2.

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