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Leipzig venue ready to host dental events


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Die tagungslounge is located in the middle of Leipzig in Germany and provides a premium event service. (Image: Michael Moser/die tagungslounge)
Dental Tribune International

By Dental Tribune International

Thu. 4. March 2021


LEIPZIG, Germany: In-person dental events have not taken place during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, and the industry is eager to resume this kind of interaction between manufacturers, dealers and dental teams. Located in the heart of the German city of Leipzig, one venue has raised its hand to host dental events of the future.

Founded in 2011 in the middle of Leipzig, die tagungslounge provides a premium event service that includes advice and support for customers in the planning and execution of a variety of events, such as meetings, workshops and customer-centred gatherings.

With organisers moving towards smaller events, well-located venues such as die tagungslounge will be a good option for the dental events of the future. (Image: die tagungslounge)

Die tagungslounge offers the advantage of being located close to Leipzig’s old market square and in close proximity to the main train station. Dozens of restaurants and hotels are located in the immediate vicinity. According to the venue organisers, the highlight of any event that is hosted at the venue is its conclusion on the expansive rooftop terrace, which provides a panoramic view over the historic city.

According to venue organiser Sybille Röckert, the key to holding successful events is understanding the aims of the customer. “Consultation, beginning with the first enquiry, is an important part of our activities. We try to collect as much information as possible from our customers. This gives us a clear impression of how the event should run so that we can work closely with the customer on the implementation of any event from the very beginning. Our customers will then understand exactly how we can support them in the successful implementation of the event,” Röckert commented.

A robust hygiene concept will be crucial for all future dental events. (Image: die tagungslounge)

The venue offers two separate, air-conditioned conference rooms. The larger room can comfortably accommodate 100 seated guests, and the smaller room can accommodate 30 seated guests. Both rooms are equipped with high-definition projectors, optimised acoustics, and wireless microphones or headsets. Röckert says that the venue organisers can provide advice on the potential use of the venue—be it for a lecture, meeting or reception.

How can continuing education or consultation take place under pandemic conditions? How can manufacturers and suppliers maintain customer connections? The pandemic has raised a number of questions with regard to in-person events, and event organisers have had to familiarise themselves with new means of interpersonal exchange and preventive health measures. It remains unlikely that large events will be possible in the near future, and Röckert says that organisers must rethink in-person events in terms of scale, moving towards smaller events.

We long for personal meetings and a professional face-to-face exchange,” Röckert said. “At our venue, bright, air-conditioned rooms are equally as important as carefree support for guests through exclusive catering. Customers rent exclusively from us,” she emphasised. “Depending on the number of guests and the type of event, customers can choose the full conference lounge or a single conference room. The roof terrace is always included.”

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